interactive sonic deambulation

> design, code
A blind walk through a sonic landscape.
The user covers his eyes with a mask, and put earphones.

Using a joystick, he walks through a giant sonic landscape made of different atmospheres. These sounds are freely inspired by Petit Bain, a book by Catherine Lenoble.



Isolating ourself from the outside world by closing our eyes is a strange experience. We do it every night, to disconnect our lives. During these times each of us seems to be fragile.

The idea behind this installation was an attempt to recreate an intimate experience, quite close to reading or dreaming.
It is also an experiment on relation between interactivity and storytelling:

How do we comprehend a story without a beginning not an end?
How interactivity allows to play with the flow of a story?

In our daily life, each of our senses are awaken. Dérive (french word for "Adrift") offers to isolate one of these — hearing — and try to look at it as an imagination-feeder.
The installation allows to explore this feeling by inviting to dive into a kind of awaken dream, a poetic adrift through a world full of suprises...





Here is the invisible map inside which users navigate.

Each color is a chapter. Each circle is a sound.