Histoires de jeux

workshops with children

> teaching, motion design

From january to may 2012, I worked within the primary school La Brèche aux Loups for an “Artistical and Cultural Project Class”.

This program offers a class to discover the work of an artist, or a collective. The goal is then to create a project with him, about a subject chosen in collaboration with the teacher. In our case: “Storytelling and videogames”.

Made in collaboration with Kikko.
Commissioned by la Gaîté Lyrique.




Histoires de Jeux (Games stories) presents six videogames designed, drawn and narrated by 9-10 years old children.

During ten workshops of two hours each, children were able to learn and experiment the videogame production process, from writing its story to creating the graphics.

LAB212 then digitized and animated their drawings to report the works made by children.

These workshops was also the opportunity for children to try some videogames available at la Gaîté Lyrique, partner of this project.

That was a great experience to see children's imagination at work, and see their references they have about videogames. I found it realy interesting to see their creative process and the way they handled team work. 

From an educatinal point of view, it was the opportunity for the children to THINK about videogames, these objects they manipulate every day:
How can a videogame tell you a story?
Which are the different talents involved into the creation of a videogame?