interactive installation

> design, code

Kiosk is an installation showing interactive translations of 6 morrocan proverbs.

The goal of this installation was to apprehend the oral knowledge of Morocco, a country I didn't know before going there to exhibit this work.
I translated each of the 6 proverbs into an interaction. So the user can experiment with his body the meaning of each sentence.



The idea behind is to question the shapes of proverbs: does it has to be only written or oral, or can it have an interactive shape? If so, what this shape does look like?

The 6 proverbs on which I worked were (rough english translation):
"Happiness doesn't last, nor does sadness"
"Mountain can't be weaken by wind"
"Travel, and you'll know people"
"Taste of the rest depends on the effort's bitterness"
"A broad bean doesn't make a dish ; neither a horseman does the fantasia" (fantasia is a moroccan celebration)
"The one looking for a perfect friend stays alone"